Life Changing

Employers and their staff can now learn to communicate more clearly by understanding the true colors of themselves and those around them. I’ve been a certified facilitator of True Colors since 2005 and feel True Colors is life changing.

Established in 1978, True Colors has worked with numerous companies whose communication has benefited, including Ford Motor Company, Pfizer, ESPN, Kraft, Boeing, JC Penney, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, Cargill and many more. Statewide, I have worked with accounting firms scouting new team members, with UMB Bank in KC and Colorado, local non-profits and more. I’ve heard it said that True Colors has become a key component of the corporate learning environment and is the heart of team-building training. True Colors also has a proven track record with thousands of schools, hospitals and government agencies.

True Colors’ true strength lies in its ability to take the elaborate and often complicated study of various personality types, and break it down into a system that is easily understandable, memorable and applicable to real-life usage.

The implication of True Colors is far-ranging. “True Colors will change the way folks communicate with each other, with their families and/or significant others in a very positive way.”

For more information about True Colors, or implementing a session for your team, please give me a call.