Moresource recruitment service is geared to help all our customers deal with talent acquisition challenges and retention issues at all levels. We aren’t your typical temp agency or staffing company, we make use of a small team of professional recruiters who offer years of experience at local, national and international levels.

Our recruitment planning is a consultancy driven approach. We meet with you to understand your hiring issues and identify the most cost-effective way to solve your problem. We then tailor a service to meet the needs you have and the budget available.

Whether you need an office manager, a receptionist, a sales leader for a new startup, customer service representatives or a hard to find IT professional – ask Moresource how we would tackle the issue.

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In today’s complex work environment, recruiting and staffing are no longer as simple as a background check and drug test. We approach it in a very methodical and scientific way by using advanced cognitive and personality assessments to make sure the candidate can not only successfully fill the position, but also match your company’s culture.

Making the right hire can also improve morale and increase productivity within your organization. While you always have the final say in hiring, the staffing consultants at Moresource are there to help you sort through and track all job candidates to find the most suitable choices to avoid potential headaches in the future. It’s a smarter and more efficient approach to building the right staff that works as a team toward the betterment of your company.


The onboarding process helps you develop a happy, future contributor. Onboarding conveys your organizational brand and values, explains your social and professional culture, aligns institutional expectations and performance and provides the tools for a new employee to successfully assimilate into his or her position with a quicker ramp-up to productivity.

Moresource can help you make sure the onboarding process is a smooth and effective one.

There are plenty of people looking for a good career. The issue for an employer is attracting and keeping the most productive and profitable employees. The employee benefit consultants at Moresource can implement a customized benefits package tailored to your business’ unique needs that helps retain key employees and keep them happy.

Whatever benefits you want to offer, we will run the program efficiently and cost-effectively – eliminating any worries on your part.

Choose from employee benefits such as:

Not many people prefer to be running HR, payroll, benefits and other standard reports. These can be time-consuming and frustrating. Too often, after hours of setting up what you think is the perfect report, the end product is nothing like what you wanted or expected. You shouldn’t have to waste your valuable time on such a mundane task.

Moresource technology offers a library of standard reports that makes accessing and analyzing benefits, payroll, time and labor and employee data simple and convenient. Further, our configuration tools empower you to create custom reports, exporting specific elements of information – selected by you – into a variety of formats on a set schedule or on demand.

Our advanced reporting feature puts extensive and elaborate information into easy-to-understand, yet powerful, reports, ultimately enabling you to obtain a thorough understanding of your data and enhancing your communication with other departments and your employees.

Great employees are hard to find, but organizations big and small frequently miss out on the best potential employees because of poor applicant tracking systems and processes. Moresource’s applicant tracking system enhances your recruiting process – from job postings to employee onboarding – so you can find the best talent for your organization. This applicant tracking solution is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool for managing and automating the entire applicant and talent acquisition process.

Moresource can simplify the E-Verify process for any small or large business. Let us take care of this important aspect of your hiring process to ensure full compliance with federal law. According to Missouri state law, all public employers must “actively participate” in E-Verify.

Moresource’s Cloud Based HR Services includes an applicant tracking system that makes it easy for your business to easily post jobs to Internet job boards as well as manage communication with applicants.

This customized widget will allow employers to post job openings on your own website. Additionally, the widget allows the applicant and potential employee to monitor postings, so when the right job comes along, they will be notified.


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You have big goals, but they probably don’t include running payroll, or being an Human Resources expert, or shopping for workers’ comp insurance or benefits, or worrying about employer liability. Moresource allows you to focus on your business while giving your employees the best possible experience.

Moresource has optimized the “HR Business Experience” with a new integrated, cloud-based platform. We continue to serve clients with stellar-level personal service, yet now, we bring all of the aspects of running a business under the efficiency of one cloud.