Motivate Your Team

As an employer, motivation of your team is an elusive target at times – and everyone is motivated by different rewards.  One thing that is almost always a sure bet but cannot be measured in dollars is recognition.  If you have staff that seem to be losing interest or becoming unengaged, try using one or more of these motivating questions or acknowledgements:
  1. “I trust you” – These three words tell your employees that you believe in them, you believe in the work they are doing, and you know they are going to get it right.
  2. “I’m proud of you” – Telling employees that you are proud of the work they have done is as  powerful as letting them know you trust them, maybe even more so.
  3. “Thank you” – People hate it when their higher-ups expect them to give their best-quality work without appreciation, especially if it is asked for every day.
  4. “I always have time for you” – There is something undeniably satisfying about having bosses, expecially those who are very busy, say they always have time in their schedule for their employees.  It makes the team feel valued and appreciated beyond what they may verbalize.
  5. “What can I do to help?” – Knowing that your bosses care about you is always heart-arming, especially when it appears like they are the busiest people on earth.  No matter how small the problem, a small query here and there to remind your team that you care is ideal for maintaining good relations.
  6. “I’m sorry” – When bosses make mistakes, which is going to happen from time to time, it’s important that they fully own up to it.  There’s nothing worse than higher-ups who pretend they do everything right.
  7. “Don’t worry about it” – Knowing that you will take care of mistakes they make, or have a situation under control, is incredibly influential in shaping how your team feels about your company.  From time to time, reassure your employees that you’ve got it all together.  Your company will be sure to thrive.
  • Author unknown