Kat’s Korner: No Short-term Memory

I heard someone say the other day that they had no short-term memory left. I think I resemble that remark! HA!

If you think back, way back, the number of people you knew were limited to your small country town. Maybe one hundred or so folks, if even that many. Today, with social media, community, family, acquaintances, and our travels, we literally know thousands and thousands of people. I know for a fact that I have four thousand seventy seven, YES, you read that right, four thousand seventy seven in my Facebook family. I just don’t think our brains, our data bases, are meant to remember that many people. Although each new person I meet is important to me and is a meaningful introduction, I struggle to remember them the next time I see their face or hear their name. My short-term data base is overloaded.

So, next time we run into each other and I can’t remember you, PLEASE forgive me. I’m not being rude. I just can’t remember!