Is processing payroll taxes costing you time and money?

Doing your own payroll taxes could be costing you money!

•    Do you pay the payroll taxes each time you have payroll, monthly, quarterly, etc?
•    Are you required to withhold local income or earnings taxes from your employee’s wages?
•    Are you, as the employer, required to pay an earnings tax based on your employees wages?
•    Not sure when your payroll taxes are due, who to pay or how to pay them?

Moresource can help! 

Payroll taxes can be a cumbersome task.  With multiple filing frequencies and taxing authorities, your payroll taxes could become a weekly project.  This is especially true if you have employees in multiple states.  Along with processing your payroll, based on your schedule, Moresource can handle your payroll tax payments and filing of your payroll tax returns for a per check fee.

Let Moresource be your payroll tax expert.  Call Moresource, 573-443-1234, today for a free quote on payroll processing and payroll tax preparation.