Is More Really Better?

I hear this question often.  “How many Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware software should I be running?  Isn’t more better?”

The simple answer is, NO…. you only need one of each.  They just do not play well together!

Unlike a pirate going into battle with as many weapons as he can hold; pistol in the left hand, one tucked in his belt, cutlass in the right hand, knife gripped between his teeth swinging into action.  This may work for pirates, but it certainly is not the case when it comes to protecting your computer.

Running more than one anti-virus (or anti-malware) software is just a very bad idea.  Here are some reasons why:

  • They will fight each other.  That’s right, fight each other.  These types of programs are always searching your systems for programs and collecting informaiton about your system, a competing program doing the same work appears like a virus or malware to the other program – and so they will try to block the other.
  • They will fight over viruses.  Anti-virus programs quarantine virus when they encounter them.  The other anti-virus software will discover the quarantined virus and attempt to remove and quarntine the virus itself.  This puts each into conflict with the other.
  • They will drain your computer resources.  Anti-virus programs consume lots of system resources to perform scans and data collection.  Having two programs running the same functions at the same time will greatly reduce your systems performance.
  • They could destablize your system.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  When you download a file anti-virus programs want to scan them and check them in as “ok” – both programs will grab the file and scan it.  This could result in other programs failing to work and destablize Windows.

A bigger question looms, are viruses still relavant today with ransomware running rampant? – More on that in an upcoming article.

In today’s computer world, yes, you still need to run anti-virus software – viruses are still out there lurking on the dark web and compromised site downloads.  Like the Boy Scount motto, we should always “Be Prepared!”