Entrepreneur Bootcamp for Veterans

I was invited to a meet and greet at Shakespears South on the June 4th and then another “getting to know you” event at Shiloh’s on June 8th. We had Air Force, Marines, and Army represented (if Navy, I apologize, just can’t remember.) Twelve individuals from all across the US, with varying backgrounds, attended the first Bootcamp. It was a weeklong session with guest speakers, events, educational and entertaining, hence my word “edutainment!!!”

I spoke to these Entrepreneurs about my background, education, two startups and my twenty two year old business, Moresource. I talked about the good, the bad and the ugly times in business. The need for a strong support network, a mentor, operating your business with integrity and character and finally about new ventures.

I hear I’m part of the “A” Team and will be invited back next year!  HooRAH!