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Located in Columbia, MO, Moresource was started in 1994 by Kathryn “Kat” Cunningham with the desire to help businesses focus on what they do best – deliver goods and services to their customers. Kat believed that the hassles and everyday riga-ma-rolling with insurance, HR, payroll, bookkeeping and the likes should be dealt with by someone else. Employing almost 3,000 professionals at more than 200 companies, Moresource allows companies to focus on core business functions, by managing complex employee related matters.
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Our Mission

Moresource, Inc. is an organization committed to continually enhancing our value through new and existing products and services, and consistently demonstrating exceptional customer service through our attitudes, abilities, and committment to our clients and employees.
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April 15 , 2016
Kat’s Korner: No Short-term Memory

I heard someone say the other day that they had no short-term memory left. I think I resemble that remark! HA! If you think back, way back, the number of people you knew were limited to your small country town. Maybe one hundred or so folks, if even that many. Today, with social media, community

Our Team

  • KatCunningham-01
    Kat Cunningham


  • Dan-Stewart
    Dan Stewart

    Vice President

  • Sherry-Elliot
    Sherry Elliott

    Payroll Client Service Representative

  • tom mitchell 2014
    Tom Mitchell

    IT Specialist

  • Dallas Timmermann
    Dallas Timmermann

    Logistics Coordinator

  • Khristina-Bustos
    Khristina Bustos

    Payroll Supervisor

  • Angela-Gonzalez
    Angela Gonzalez

    Payroll Client Service Representative

  • Biian Coats
    Brian Coats

    Payroll Client Service Representative

  • Sheila-Johnson
    Sheila Johnson

    Human Resources Director

  • Sherry Jones
    Sherry Jones


  • Wallie C
    Wallie Callais


  • Jenny - Insurance
    Jenny Mullette

    Insurance Specialist

  • Jana williams 2014
    Jana Williams


  • Pam Timmermann
    Pam Timmermann


  • Brian Cunningham
    Brian Cunningham

    Business Development Coordinator